Ravn - Private, Secure, Cross Platform Chat App


The ultimate app for private invisible communications is taking flight real soon!

Our Story

After months of hanging out in the temporary offices of Silicon Cabarete and hearing yet another story of how an important idea was lifted from a Whatsapp chat by a co-worker who asked to borrow his phone because his had a dead battery. The founder started looking for a true privacy solution. To his amazement there were none to be HAD!

Thinking back to an earlier event where a friend had left a chat open with someone his girlfriend did not approve of and then another event where a friend received a harmless but still, age inappropriate, video forward from a high school buddy that was later seen by his 9 year old son ( which lead to a sex-ed conversation he was really not ready to have!!!) the more he searched the more convinced he became that there was an important gap that needed to be bridged in the chat-o-sphere ,Gordon Gannon, realized that there was no available cross platform solution for private, secure communication that protected people from having their private conversations being seen by the wrong eyes.

As a property developer living in the bricks and mortar world he had no direct experience working in the start up world but did have the incredibly good fortune to be the man on the ground in charge of developing Labocacabarete.com what will become the more modern Cabarete version of Richard Bransons Necker Island residence and Resort. This incredible project is the dream of angel investor and Philanthropist , Fabrice Grinda. After 2 years of hanging around Fabrice and his team of Tech Gurus Gordon decided to try and fill the gap. So he hooked up with his long time friend, Vlad Heger ( Fellow Canadian, start up project manager and Kitesurfing mate.) Vlad upon hearing the idea also was dumbstruck that no one had thought of this concept either. After months of research Vlad confirmed that this was an idea that had legs and thus!! RAVN was born. The first Idea to be born of Silicon Cabarete and the doors had not even opened yet. Thank you Fabrice for creating a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere for us all to work in!!

Ravn - The invisble chat app!

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