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100% Private

On signup, we do not collect anything – no name, no phone number, no email, no nothing. Just username. Share chats, pictures, videos, documents and voice notes with the freedom that no one is watching you. We care about data privacy!


Loyalty Rewards

Each message, photo or transfer you make we reward you with $KRX token. Earn even more by inviting friends and spreading the word. Save $KRX and cash out with one of our agents or use it in the app.


Pay to Connect

Your time is valuable, charge a fee for others to connect with you and vet your contacts. Now you can keep an open door policy whihle making sure only qualified contacts message you. Get access to proffesionals and community leaders you wouldn’t otherwise couldn’t.


Mobile Wallet

Our wallet technology is built on top of the trusted BlockEQ stellar code. It’s been updated to ease the use in a social platform yet maintaining Stellar grade security. Our wallet runs on the native $KRX token and supports the transfer and storage of all stellar assets even XLM.

Data Privacy and Encryption

Data Security

Feel comfortable knowing that all your chats, media and conversations are highly encrypted with AES256 encryption – ensuring you are free to talk about anything you want. We do not store any P2P chats or private group chats on our servers for your protection. We never store your private keys on our network and you can view your private keys anytime. You can transfer your wallet to any stellar wallet anytime.

Introducing Spaces

Group Chat Redefined

With our group chats or “Spaces”, you can share any texts, documents, pictures, videos, voice notes and run your community through this fully encrypted platform. You can also monetize or reward your group members. Inside Ravn you can charge a $KRX fee to join your group earning you the $KRX for yourself. Alternatively, you can reward your users with $KRX by using the airdrop button to send everyone a reward. Each group has a unique hashtag and which belongs to the creator of the group.