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Untraceable & Anonymous Payments

Since the KRX token is distributed via blockchain, it represents a completely decentralized payment network that Ravn users can use to make payments, transfer funds, and execute smart contracts securely and anonymously.

After mixing incoming coins that enter the Ravn app through exchanges, transfer etc., Korrax is ultimately untraceable. Korrax is an invisible, anonymous coin within the Ravn ecosystem that can create smart contracts and isn’t trackable. No other coin has these attributes hidden in a world-class, invisible, anonymous, encrypted chat app.

Korrax uses our own stealth protocols that mix your KRX with other KRX that is currently in the system. When you send KRX through your Ravn wallet it creates a sequence of transactions between you and the intended party that cannot be traced through any block explorer. Each transaction can go through as many as 10 random transactions and ultimately end up in the recipients wallet.

First a randomly created micro transaction fee will be added to each sending amount to make matching of amounts in a block explorer not feasible. The original amount plus the transaction fees will be sent to a pool of internal Korrax accounts which are used to mix each transaction to break the chain and make each transaction anonymous. The final transaction is then finally made to multiple recipients with only 1 being the true receiver while the others are internal korrax accounts. Each transaction is verified as both the sender and receiver know the original amounts and the public key of the final sender as verification. Our tipping system uses a simpler version of the stealth protocol that additionally hides the fixed amounts of tips hidden with transactions of the same value.

RAVN & Korrax Ecosystem

Messaging, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology are here to stay and cryptocurrencies are being adopted worldwide at an astonishing rate.  Ravn’s technology is designed to take advantage of a surging desire among users for privacy in one of the largest, fastest growing and sought after industries. By utilizing Korrax in your RavnWallet, you are positioning yourself ahead the demand of users wanting to make use of the RavnPay utility.  So far, no chat app has addressed the need for truly private/hidden messages, transactions and anonymous smart contracts. Ravn is a true end-to-end private, invisible, and untraceable chat, payment, and live streaming betting and tipping platform.

RavnPay is our proprietary platform (built on the Stellar network) for the creation and execution of smart contracts, P2P AdHoc Smart Contracts for content creators, and anonymous cryptocurrency transfers and payments. Without it, users would still be able to send KRX anonymously to other trusted users. However, RavnPay gives users the power to make anonymous payments to untrusted contracts. By creating a series of conditions that must be satisfied before KRX is transferred, senders can be confident they will receive exactly what they paid for, bet on, or tipped out on.

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Distribution of Funds