No Data Collected.
No Names.
No Phone numbers.
No Nothing. 

We have no clue who our users are.

Simply download and chat privately and anonymously, for free.

With Ravn, you’ll get the anonymity you deserve, no strings attached.  Encrypted chatting, calling, conference calling, and more!  Try Ravn’s invisible feature that can hide on your phone.

* Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.



Live Streaming


Easily live stream your favorite sports, events, games or music and get paid!  RavnStream enables content creators to stream content while receiving tips and making betting odds on their own live streaming events.


End-to End Anonymous Encryption.  Invisible.


Ravn never collects any of your information on sign up and cannot read your end-to end OMEMO encrypted messages. We do not know who our users are.  We do not see what communications are being sent across the platform.  Your calls and group calls are also encrypted.  Hide behind a custom decoy app so only you know where to access Ravn with a PIN code.  What happens in Ravn, stays in Ravn.