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Introducing our social wallet.

A secure messenger that earns you a passive income while you chat.

Fully featured messenger

Our platform is built with AES256 Encryption to keep your chats as safe as they should be. Chat and transact with friends, family or one of the Ravn communities using only a username. Your privacy is important to us so we don’t capture any user data.


You spend all day chatting on your phone anyways. Now you can share your expertise and earn $KRX right through your phone. Collect a fee to let others connect with you. Influencers, celebrities, speakers, experts and anyone with something unique to talk about can earn on the go!

monetize your groups

Create your own “Space” and even charge $KRX to join. You can monetize your followers or reward them instantly. Users can send $KRX to each other right from the group to reward good content. Try it now

Loyalty rewards earned

$KRX and counting!

Earn loyalty rewards

Each message, invite and transaction earn you $KRX loyalty reward tokens. Spend your rewards in app or cash out your loyalty rewards with one of our $KRX agents or exchanges.


What our Users Say


Everyone should have this app, or at least anyone who values their privacy. goodbye Whatsapp, goodbye Facebook..brilliant

Mike Tomkins



Awesomee app!! I would recommend it without a doubt! It feels safe to chat through Ravn knowing that I dont have to put any personal information.

Emmanuel Mota



Privacy at its finest This is a great chat app for anyone who is concerned about their privacy, the hidden app feature is truly unique. Highly recommended!!!

Mathew Maybee



Best app ever! Your phone is just whatever you need without fears of somebody checking.

Sara De Sierra




Stealthy! Love the look and colors also!

Brett Maxwell


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you save user data?

Our platform uses only a username and never asks you to connect to any services. Your user data is fully encrypted end to end and then erased daily to make sure it will never fall into the wrong hands

Is Ravn free?

You can download and use our app for FREE. We even give you a few XLM and KRX to get you started. Some features inside the app will have fees for use in KRX.

What currencies do you support?

The Ravn social wallet operates on our native token $KRX but you can send and recieve any Stellar based asset including XLM. You can also set your own local currency to calculate your cash value.

How can I get KRX?

You can earn KRX just by using the app and then spend it or cash it out. If you need more KRX you can always purchase from one of our Agents or through an exchange like our built-in SDEX or places like

Download Now

Available for all major mobile platforms. No subscription or hidden fees. Check them out and we welcome all feedback and suggestions.